Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sunday night. A great time to reflect upon the coming week and the week that has past. I'm trying hard to document this summer. The Lord has shown me that this summer is important in more than one way. I really am stepping into the position of who I truly am in Christ. He has given me perspective, insight, and, most of all intimacy with himself. What an adventure!

Tonight I got to share a little bit about what happened at the Psychic Fair. God is so good! Pastor Juan, Deidre, Jill, and Michelle shared too. It was great. I'm just amazed that God wants to use me, you know? Even just standing up there with them, I'm thinking "wow, God, you're just whipping me up here, huh?" I shared a little bit about what God showed me throughout our day at the psychic fair. We are told in scripture to eagerly desire the gift of prophecy. I found my heart stirred like it has never before been as I witnessed the prophetic at work.
So, I just shared my heart. Basically, saying to everyone.. I'm new at this prophetic stuff. I took a risk by being there. It was an act of faith and trust. Be available. God wants to use you - you don't have to be an 'expert'. I'm certainly not, but I was able to speak life and encouragement into searching people's lives. Glory to God ;)

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