Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beginning of My 28th Year!

Ok- time for the obligatory birthday post!
Here I am - 28 years old today! Wild.
So hard to believe how quickly time is flying by. Today I'm thankful for my life. I'm thankful for the journey. The process. Thankful that God is so gracious and loving. Thankful that He works all things together for good.
I have some amazing friends. I had a late night conversation with one of those friends last night. Isn't it great when God brings people into your life that you can be totally transparent with? We sat outside of Chipotle until 2am. It's those moments and times that I can say I'm loving where I am "at" in life right now. Learning, loving, giving, growing (is that corny?..oh's true!)

Even as a relative 'youngin', I can say that I've learned some things about birthdays (or any other new beginning, for that matter) I've seen the error in proclaiming and exclaiming lofty goals or resolutions. In my experience, it's most likely a recipe for disaster. Trust me, I've done it.. and it has sounded something like this in the past..

" I am..25 years old... gotta get myself together! Ok. First. Gotta lose 50 lbs. Yeah, 50, for sure. Gotta be at the gym at least once a day. Next, I gotta get in the Word everyday. Make that everyday for at least 20 min. Yeah, that sounds good.. and I gotta go on some dates or something this year! Com'on .. somethings gotta give"

I think I adequately portrayed where my thinking has so often gravitated towards in the past. And, honestly, I need to resist, even this very day, not slipping into that thinking.
How amazing is a relationship with Jesus!? I mean, wow, He changes all of that striving.
My focus is on today. Knowing Being with Listening to Holy It's so good and so much better than "trying to do better"!! haha. That never works :)

Well, going to dinner with some of those amazing friends tonight. I got some great cupcakes to bring too (pink lemonade, red velvet, triple chocolate, margarita, pumpkin, white raspberry, and butter rum!! wow!)

"but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint" (PSA 40:31).

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renee said...

I am glad I looked up your blog. I am definitely impressed with your "one day at a time" comments and your total dependence on the Lord. I can tell you are the apple of His eye. You are Loved with an Everlasting Love, You are Held in Everlasting Arms. Have a tremendous school year and make a tremendous impact for God's glory.