Sunday, June 20, 2010

Psychic Fair

I'm totally blown away and still attempting to process all that God has done this weekend.
The highlight being a local Psychic Fair that we held an outreach at this past Saturday.
People respond to love. It's amazing what a hug, an encouraging word, and a blessing can do for searching souls. I saw the prophetic actively at work. It was amazing and I'm desiring for God to use me like He's used those around me. Wow. People sat down and were willing to receive a prophetic word from God over their life. Awesome!

It was wild because the woman who was organizing this psychic event called for prayer first thing in the morning. She lead the prayer and asked Pastor Juan to close in prayer after her. Her prayer blew us all away. She asked that everyone be filled with the Holy Spirit. Hahaha! It was wild. Then she spent the day doing astrology readings at a booth. I'm still trying to process.

God showed up big. For each person we encountered, we asked for the Holy Spirit to show up before we even said anything. I did spend a lot of time just interceding and observing as others really moved in the prophetic. Tears of release and peace flowed from people's faces!

Then came the rain! A powerful moment with a sweet young lady and the Holy Spirit. Thunder was brewing and the heavens opened up as she declared freedom from past hurts and a cleansing for a new start in life. I'm blown away by how prophetic that moment was - rain suddenly beginning to pour down!

Another highlight - two of the "staff" members who were helping to organize the psychic fair ended up in church this morning and received salvation! Hallelujah!

And we prayed for one of the astrology readers too! She was awesome -Mimi- and she was totally decked out in her psychic garb (head wrap, long flowing skirt!) She was open and willing to hear what the living God has to say about her!

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