Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer 2010

Here comes summer. Yes, the most wonderful time of the year. I try to savor these moments. The 'beginning of summer' moments. Four more days with my class. Then I'll have four years of teaching under my belt. Wow!

I'm watching the rain right now. Boy, is it raining. Listening to a band that I just discovered - Hammock - Awesome chill, mostly instrumental music - perfect for a rainy day.

I'm excited about summer. My trip to El Salvador is coming up. It's going to be amazing. Praying that God would use me however he wants. Excited just to get out of the USA, you know, out of these "comforts".

My mom and I will also be traveling to NYC this summer. A real vacation! We went a few years back and decided that it was time to return. Shopping, shows, and eating here we come!

God is teaching me about the finished work of the cross. I attended a conference at VCC about 2 weeks ago and got totally rocked. It was a great time of refreshing, worship, and impartation. Made some great kingdom connections. I want to start this summer in a season of rest and abiding with the Lord. Help me Holy Spirit.

Well, here's to summer 2010. Here we go!

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