Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break 2010

It's 2010!! It's April 2010. Ugh. I'm a horrible blogger. But I need to get going on here if I'm going to have any recollections from my twenties (I've been deleting pics like crazy from my laptop cause I have no space left on this thing)

There are three days left of my Spring Break from teaching. It's been very uneventful for me. 'Boring' would actually be the best descriptor. It stinks sometimes because being on break from work really makes me realize how alone I can really feel. It's exaggerated in a sense.
I'm sitting at Caribou (that phrase will probably sum up my late twenties nicely), fooling around on Facebook and listening to music. Is this what I should be doing as a 27 yr old?
What are my options? At least I'm not at the mall shopping, right?

Would I really rather have a husband and a kid on my hip? I don't know anymore! Can I just admit that for a moment.

Ok, that feels better. I don't know anymore what I want. Praise God. Glad I don't have to try to figure this all out (although I continue to try)

So, here's to Spring Break 2010. Caribou. Facebook. Music. Me.