Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Conference Night Thoughts.

In the life of a school teacher, the ritual of parent-teacher conferences is an unavoidable event.
Being able to sit down with the parents of the students who you spend a majority of your day with is actually something that I do find informative and very necessary. Today was that day and I'm struck by the lessons that I seemed to learn from my evening. Who knew lessons of perspective, thanksgiving, and spiritual insight could come from a parent teacher conference night?
Perspective is critical. For some reason, I seemed to gain valuable insight into the reality of home life for many families. The daily struggles of attempting to raise a family and 'make it' can oftentimes become lost upon someone such as myself. It's strange too because we all know, of course, raising a family is no easy task, even with the resources that you need. I "know" that, but God seemed to be revealing a deeper, richer reality as far as what that looks like in the lives of those around me. The need is great. Parents need the skills to be able to provide consistent discipline, encouragement, and academic support for their child. In so many situations, I'm reminded of a psychological theory proposed by Abraham Maslow back in the day, circa 1940, let's say.
Basically, this hierarchy is depicted as a pyramid and, if the basic needs at the bottom of the pyramid aren't met, then you can't move up the pyramid and 'self-actualize'.
This is getting too academic! haha. ok, well, basically, what I'm trying to say is many families are struggling to provide those foundational needs and, therefore, unable to provide the support necessary in other realms of academic and personal growth for their children.
This struggle just seemed to become a little more real to me tonight. It's hard for me to even imagine being a parent, the thought is mind blowing in many regards.
This is where I transition into a deeper gratitude for the season of life I find myself in at this point. To those of you with families, of course, the rewards and benefits are surely of a level that cannot quite be put into words. Sharing memories, seeing growth within and through each other, and just 'doing life together' is surely a blessing that is to be cherished.
Each day I'm learning to embrace where God has me. Seeing opportunity to be thankful for where I'm at is critical. It's nice to be able to sit alone on my couch, listen to some Jon Foreman, and write a blog. I'm increasingly realizing that that daily solitude is something lost to so many people. I'm thankful.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

God loves us most when we're at our worst.

God's love is blowing my mind. Pastor Juan had a good word today that I felt was downloaded just for me. "God loves us most when we're at our worst, cause he knows we're one step closer to getting it right". Deidre actually was the one to speak that first. So.. God knows we're going to mess up 69 times (or whatever..only He really knows) we've messed up for the 49th time, God sees us in love in our sin, seeing that we are one step closer. That just really messed with me tonight. That kind of love cannot be fully comprehended. Should sin then increase? No, that would be distorting it. A response of adoration and thanksgiving for that kind of love should follow. Yay God.